Employment Mediation

Workplace conflicts can quickly get out of hand. Unresolved tension and complaints can result in a deteriorating atmosphere that negatively impacts efficiency, productivity, and the bottom line.

A defining quality of mediation is its ability to redirect the parties toward each other, not by imposing solutions on them, but by assisting them to find a new and shared perception of their relationship and dispute – a perception that will change their attitude toward each other. With the assistance of a competent mediator, parties can explore opportunities for resolving a dispute in ways that meet their mutual needs. Moreover, they get to participate in a process that enables them to view their impasse as a problem to be solved, not as a battle to be won.

Whether the dispute is between management and workers or between employees, a reliable and trusted procedure for resolving these issues quickly and fairly must be in place. The mediation process is a proven way of allowing all parties in a dispute to have their say in a safe and professional environment. Mediation has been shown to be an effective dispute resolution option that is much cheaper, faster, less divisive, and more private than litigation – for all parties.

Employment mediation often deals with claims of wrongful termination, breach of contract, workplace harassment and discrimination, whistle-blower disputes, and a variety of civil rights laws. The key to a successful mediation is the neutral chosen to guide it. A mediator does not render a decision; rather, she listens, makes suggestions, and guides the conversation.

Joan Parker has more than thirty years of experience both regionally and nationally as a professional mediator with an expertise in employment relations and workplace conflict resolution. Dr. Parker earned her Ph.D. from Cornell University and has served as a professional neutral in both high-profile national cases as well as smaller local conflicts. She has successfully mediated individual claims as well as class action disputes. Dr. Parker is a mediator who is sought after because she has a proven track record of success.


Thank you for reading about my work and for considering me to assist you in resolving labor and employment issues in the workplace. For the past thirty years, I have been an active arbitrator and mediator, working in both the non-union and union sectors in private and public employment.