Labor Mediation

Disputes and conflict in the workplace are very dangerous. Both workers and management need to feel there is a state of trust and mutual respect, especially when conflicts arise, contractual or otherwise.

When employees, or the unions that represent them, believe their complaints or concerns are not being taken seriously by management, they will seek to force the issue – in the courts, at state agencies, or before the National Labor Relations Board. Litigation over breaches of contract, unsafe working conditions, unfair labor practices, harassment, discrimination, or other issues is difficult, expensive, divisive, and complex for all involved.

Labor mediation is a better solution. Faster, less expensive, more private, and more collegial, it fosters an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. Both sides meet in person, not in a courtroom separated by space and formality, but as equals. With the right choice of professional neutral to act as mediator, the chances of a successful mediation outcome are very good.

Dr. Joan Parker is that right choice.  A graduate of Cornell University’s doctoral program in industrial and labor relations, Dr. Parker has more than three decades of experience working with businesses large and small in the mid-Atlantic region and across the country. Her focus it to resolve workplace and contractual disputes between employers and unions before they grow to damaging proportions that affect productivity and the overall workplace environment.

Your choice of mediator will determine whether your next conflict with your employees has a positive or negative outcome. Joan Parker has the necessary experience, training, and knowledge of labor and employment law to ensure the best possible outcome.


Thank you for reading about my work and for considering me to assist you in resolving labor and employment issues in the workplace. For the past thirty years, I have been an active arbitrator and mediator, working in both the non-union and union sectors in private and public employment.